Draft Procedure

Saugus ACES Fall 2017 Draft Procedure

For the Fall 2017 season of Saugus ACES Soccer, we will be forming new teams.  This will give players an opportunity to meet other players in the league and community, as well as providing a greater variety of play.  This will be the second time we have mixed up the teams since the league started in 2012, the last time being in 2014.

Here is how the teams will be formed:

1.      When players sign up, they may sign up as a single player, or in a group of 2, 3 or 4 players or family members.

2.      Each group will be ordered by their average age.  For example, if a group has three members ages 21, 26 and 33, their average age is 26.6.

3.      The groups and players will be listed in order of average age, with the groups of four first, then the groups of three, then groups of two, then single players.

4.      There will be seven or fewer teams.

5.      Groups will be distributed to different teams in the following order:

a.      The first (youngest) group of four will be on the first team.  The second group of four will be on the second team, and so on.  After the seventh-oldest group has been placed on the seventh team, the eighth oldest group will be placed on the seventh team and the ninth oldest group will be placed on the sixth team and so on (a "serpentine" format).

b.      After the groups of four are distributed, the groups of three will be distributed according to average age, trying to keep the average ages of the teams in balance.

c.       Exceptions to the order may be introduced to keep the number of women on a team in balance, as well as the number of former players from the same previous team (for example, the number of players from the same previous team should not exceed six, so if too many players from the green team would end up on the same team, the order of group distribution may be altered while keeping the average age the same.)

d.      Players that prefer to play Goalkeeper will be distributed as evenly as possible

6.      The average age of the league will be the target age for each team. 


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