Annual Registration

In addition to the league fee paid in the LeagueApps website for each season, every player in Saugus ACES must pay the $30 annual player fee to AYSO.

This only needs to be done once each year between September - August.    The Blue Sombrero site is terrible, but you only have to do it once per year, and then you won't have to worry about it again until next year. 

Here's how it works. 

1. Go to this link:

Saugus ACES Blue Sombrero Annual Registration

2. Select "Registration Info" -> "Available Programs."

It will show the ACES Adult Soccer option for $0.00.  The $30 fee will be added at the last step.

3. Select "+Register Now."

4. Create a New Account by entering in new info (it can be the same as what you use for LeagueApps, but the two aren't linked in any way).

5. Once you've created an account, enter your address and other required info.

For the rest of the registration, you only need to enter the required info.  Skip any fields that aren't required (with a red *).

6. Select "Continue".  Don't add an additional account holder.

7. Select "I am registering myself in an activity."

8. Add your "Date of Birth."  Everything else should stay the same.  "Continue."

9.  The ACES Annual fee should be selected (still showing $0.00). "Continue."

10. Add the required info (emergency info).  Skip all the stuff about jerseys, mailing info, insurance etc.  Find the Emergency Authorization and AYSO Membership Fee information.  Read them and click the boxes to accept them. "Continue."

12.  Click to "e-sign" the form.

13.  On the page with the form, scroll to the yellow box,  select "I agree to an electronic signature", select the adult option, and type in your name to sign.  Scroll down and select "Continue to Review."

14. Review the info one last time. Click "Continue".  This will take you to the payment form where you will see the $30 annual fee.  "Continue."

15.  Enter in your credit card info and pay the annual fee.

That's it.  You're all set until next year (and you shouldn't have to re-enter in your info next year.)

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