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Jonathan Burk

The purpose of our league is to:

  • Provide opportunities for every adult 18 and up to play soccer
  • Develop Coaches, Referees and Volunteers
  • Promote Sportsmanship
  • Get everyone playing
  • Support the love of the game
  • Offer opportunities for adults to exercise through playing soccer

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The schedule for Spring 2022 is posted here:

Registration for the Summer 2022 season is now open. Register here:

-Jonathan Burk

League Director, Saugus Adult Co-Ed Soccer

We are an adult, co-ed soccer league serving players in the Santa Clarita Valley just north of Los Angeles.   

Registration is open to anyone age over the age of 18.  

Review our Code of Conduct here.

Referees (and anyone who is interested), the referee guidelines are here:

Saugus ACES Referee Guidelines v.3

Except as noted in the league Referee Guidelines, we follow the FIFA Laws of Game, which can be found here:

FIFA Laws of the Game

Referee Game Reports

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